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Green Aventurine Crystal Infused Water Bottle Silver

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Premium glass water bottle featuring a crystal point for infusion. These beautiful designed bottles are known to help uplift your mood and encourage water intake. 

✔️  Beautifully designed⁣ with love

✔️  Tool for self-care & mindset

✔️  100% genuine crystal

✔️   Direct crystal infusion

✔️   Water safe crystal: Scores 7+ in Moh's Scale of Mineral Hardness

✔️  Australian owned ♡

Green Aventurine:

I am Green Aventurine. I help you to cultivate unconditional love and compassion by opening your heart to find kindness & peaceful within. 

I am good for: self-love, empathy, kindness, compassion, serenity, trust, forgiveness, warmth, open-mindedness.

Chakra: Heart (the center of your chest) 


Crystal water has been used as a healing ritual for centuries. It is a tool known to help you balance and bring peace to your body and mind.

Each stone has its own unique benefits. Which crystal do you feel most drawn to?



• 500ml bottle made from stainless steel, BPA-free & high borosilicate glass.

• Colour: Silver 

• Direct crystal infusion (crystal touches the water)

• FREE bottle sleeve to keep your water cooler for longer.


How to use the bottle:

1. Cleanse your bottle with warm water & detergent using a bottle brush.

2. Pour in the crystals from the bottom chamber while setting your intentions.

3. Fill up with drinking water.

4. Enjoy your crystal infused water. It is a tool for your mind & body wellness.

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Drinking crystal infused water is a great way to take in the healing benefits of the stones while keeping well hydrated.

Each stone has its own unique benefits – some bring forth clarity and balance, while others help you with love and relationships.

Healers have used this as a healing ritual for centuries and you can also spot its use in the ancient Chinese and Greek texts.

Our bottles are a modern interpretation of this ritual, designed for you to enjoy crystal infused water on the go.

A research by Dr. Masaru Emoto (2004) showed words, sounds and intentions can alter the molecular structure of the water. 

He showed that words of encouragement and prayer positively impacted the water molecules. 

Aura Bottle creates high vibrational water for your mind & body wellness.

Step 1: Give your bottle a wash using a bottle brush. Hot water and dish soap works great.

Step 2:Simply fill up your bottle with drinking water, and enjoy.

We also recommend you to ‘charge’ your crystal with your intentions and desires before drinking. That way, the energy will flow through your body with every sip you take.

Enjoy the bottle as a tool for manifestation.

Shipping & Returns

We ship to Australia, New Zealand, United States & Canada. 

Free standard shipping for all orders over $60 within Australia. Express post option is available at checkout. 

30 day return policy for items in unused, original condition. Please refer to our Returns page for more information. 

Thoughtful Design

Designed in Australia. We spent years perfecting our bottles to ensure they have a beautiful, premium design that stands out. 

Known to bring inner peace and calm

Our premium water bottles are infused with crystal energy to help reduce negative energy, uplift your mood and bring calmness to your life. 

100% Genuine Crystals

Choose from a variety of crystals from clear quartz for clarity, rose quartz for loving energy,  amethyst for healing and more!